painting like he sees it!


What people say:

"Andrew's artwork is incredible and visually stunning. From my own experience, he can take a picture or photograph and work with it not to just create a straightforward copy of it but to bring his own interpretation of it. His style is unlike anything I, personally, have come across before and I've had no hesitation in recommending his services and promoting his products myself."


Rob Stokes Business owner of RASCOM I.T. and TOUCHSCREENS DIRECT

My god, is that all? (when told the price for his painting) Top banana, love it so much!


Fraser McGibbon

Got the painting today mate thank u very much again absolutely love it.


Davey Bennett, Pop Will eat Itself bass player

Just a quick note to say thank you for sending the Eureka Machines painting down with Martin! Love it, it's brilliant, and I'm going to give it to my mum, who will be well pleased.


I spoke to Ginger about the portrait of him, and if it's okay with you, he's going to sign it then we're going to auction it for MIND, a cause close to his heart, and from what Martin said, for you too.


Chris Catalyst, Eureka Machines Singer/ Guitarist

Please get in touch

Don't forget you can email me : forcerkid@yahoo.co.uk

You can text or phone me on 07765 850 925

And remember:

  • Any subject, any size
  • Will post anywhere in the world
  • Various mediums to choose from
  • All we need is a photo

Some examples of my work

This picture was done using marker pens and fineliners


All images will be considered, from cars to pets to people, anything!

Icons also undertaken

Another marker pen and fineliner drawing. Sizes are not limited, this particular picture was A4 size but I have done up to A0 before.


Obviously the prices will increase as the size increases but even so our prices are still as low as we can manage.

Any subject

Anytime! This one is big, 36" square acrylic on canvas.


This picture is currently residing in the local college of science. It was a donation after a very successful craft fair.

If you have a special cause that you think would benefit from some artwork then get in touch. If its genuine and for a good cause I am happy to donate some artwork



You choose!

Another commission.


This picture was painted by request, I was sent the photo of Dave Grohl and asked to put the logo in the background and this is what I came up with.